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Agulhas Accommodation

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Being at the southernmost tip of Africa offers a unique and almost surreal experience, realizing that you are at the extreme bottom of the planet with vast continents and billions of people to the north.

“Graveyard of Ships”:

The rocky headland is aptly nicknamed the “Graveyard of Ships” due to its treacherous coastline and a history of shipwrecks, adding a dramatic element to the remote beauty of the area.

Weather and Seasons:

Soft and gentle winter days contrast with wild storms in the Overberg region, providing a diverse and dynamic atmosphere.

Cape Agulhas National Park:

Encompassing the southern tip of Africa, extending to towns like Gansbaai and Struisbaai, the national park is rich in biodiversity with over 1750 botanical species and rare bird breeding sites.

Cape Floral Kingdom:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, emphasizing the conservation of marine, terrestrial, and aquatic biodiversity through sustainable use.

Southernmost Point:

Cape Agulhas is the official meeting place of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, marked by a stone plaque. This demarcation is declared by the International Hydrographical Organisation.

Cape Agulhas Lighthouse:

South Africa’s second oldest working lighthouse, built in 1848 in the Pharaohs style. The lighthouse offers a museum, curio shop, tearoom, and a panoramic view from the top.

L’Agulhas Town:

The nearby town of L’Agulhas holds a rich historical and cultural legacy, including remnants of Khoikhoi beach nomads’ life, such as shell middens, stone hearths, pottery, and fish traps.

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